Urban Forestry

bring  communities together

As a not-for-profit organization with a mission of creating thriving neighborhoods in the city, Gloversville Neighborhood Improvement is organizing community members to work on urban forestry outreach in order to increase the number of street trees throughout the city.

In addition to providing beautification, increasing the number of trees is a way to extend the longevity and capacity of the city’s aging storm sewer infrastructure because trees can absorb up to 60% of falling rainwater.  The presence of street trees also captures carbon dioxide and studies have linked stronger tree canopies with lower crime rates.

Our Urban Forestry Outreach utilizes the financial and administrative resources of Gloversville Neighborhood Improvement. We enlist both horticulturalists and volunteer planters and use in-kind labor for tree plantings.

We collaborate with city departments and community groups to solicit input on where street tress could be most beneficial.  In addition to this direct service, we work to educate city residents about the benefits of street trees in order to encourage homeowners to adopt suitable trees of their own.

The long-term vision for this work is the build capacity for a tree inventory and eventually a subsidized street tree-planting program.

To join the committee or sign up for our next planting, please call Executive Director Greg Young at (518) 620-6276.

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