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NOTE: Gloversville Neighborhood Improvement does not currently have funding available for home improvement projects. We are seeking other funding sources to support this important work, but do not yet have a timetable for future application availability.

Gloversville Neighborhood Improvement, in partnership with the NYS Affordable Housing Corporation, offers income eligible homeowners in Gloversville grant assistance for home improvements. NYS AHC grants can cover up to 100% of the cost of rehabilitation for homeowner at or below 112% of the HUD low income limits based on family size. Households have to be owner occupied of either a one or two family home.


  • Window & Roof replacement
  •  Furnace & Boiler
  •  Exterior structural improvements
  •  Exterior paint
  •  Porch or step improvements
  • Lead base paint remediation


  • Property must be an owner occupied, one or two family home located within Gloversville.
  • Household must be determined to be at or be-low 112% of the AHC low income limit (see chart to the left).
  • Applicant can not have more than $15,000 in cash savings
  •  All property taxes must be current.
  • Owner must maintain Homeowner’s Insurance and Flood Insurance if applicable.
  • Minimum property standards must be main-tained prior to grant award: trash, weeds, grass, abandoned vehicles.
  • Homeowner will be required to maintain their principal residence for a period of five years, if not, all funds will be recaptured by GNI.



  • Applicants are required to contact the Gloversville Housing & Neighborhood Improvement Corporation for program information prior to the application process. 518-788-4765
  • Applicant must complete and submit an application to the Gloversville Housing & Neighborhood Improvement Corporation, by appointment only. Only those applications that are complete will be processed.
  • Completed applications will then be evaluated for program eligibility.
  • A housing rehab specialist will visit your home to prioritize the type of home improvement you may be eligible for. Improvements may include exterior paint, structural repairs, porches or step improvements, roof replacement, windows, and interior code deficiencies.
  •  Your housing improvement scope of work proposal will be bid out to approved eligible contractors selected by GNI.
  • Homeowners will be required to maintain their principal residence for a period of five years, if not all funds will be recaptured by the City.
  •  The GNI will disburse funds directly to the homeowner who will then sign funds over to the contractor.

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