Land Bank

to  improve our community

The Gloversville Neighborhood Improvement Organization proposes to create a city land bank program for a single purpose: to acquire, manage, maintain, and repurpose vacant land, and/or abandoned, and foreclosed properties in a responsible way to prevent the continued destabilization of blighted neighborhoods.

GLBP is a citywide community investment project that leverages resources to stabilize and improve neighborhood properties through strategic site control.  The project goal is to improve the aesthetic look of neighborhoods, minimize blight and improve property values as a means to restore citywide market confident.

The GNI will acquire vacant parcels and hold them, maintain them, and make small improvements until they can be repurposed in a comprehensive, planned, beneficial way that meets the needs and values of the community. This means that parcels may become permanent green space, community gardens, or may be marketed to private developers for redevelopment if it is consistent with the vision of the community.

The GLBP is a partnership initiative that will bring key stakeholders together for the purpose of changing the way Gloversville deals with its vacant, abandoned, and foreclosed properties. The overarching goal of the GLBP is to address the emerging problem of surplus properties in neighborhoods through working partnerships – in a colaberative, transparents, community based way for the greater good of Gloversville.

The Gloversville Land bank Program incorporates the following goals and outcomes:


Enhancement of vacant land to produce a positive perception of the surrounding neighborhood, increase property values while also addressing environmental, social, and economic issues.


Develop a targeted land stabilization program to promote economic, aesthetic, and environmental benefits that can restore market confidence in Gloversville’s neighborhoods.


Eliminate blight, Improve property values, Minimize land use conflicts, establish strategic property site control, improve quality of life and perception, increase green space, or simply hold land in careful stewardship until a new purpose can be determined.

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